The Maldives Energy Authority is an independent regulatory organization affiliated to the Ministry of Housing and Environment and operates under the guidance of a governing board. The mandate of this agency is as follows.

1. Providing advice to relevant government organizations regarding energy, and assisting in decision-making in this sector.

2. Setting the standards and operating the regulations for the administration and monitoring of this sector according to government policy on energy.

3. Developing the regulatory code and standards on the production and use of energy in the Maldivian context, and developing and administering the regulations for the provision of energy in the Maldives.

4. Setting the standards for the sources of energy that are imported into or sold in the Maldives.

5. Issuing permits to parties that wish to provide electricity services, setting up the system of fees for the services provided by such parties, issuing permits to parties that wish to produce electricity for their own use, and monitoring such parties to ensure adherence to relevant regulations.

6. Issuing permits to electric technicians and setting the standards for consultants.

7. Investigating issues between parties arising from non-compliance to the terms of agreements between providers and users of electricity.

8. Monitoring the statistics on the production and usage of energy in the Maldives, ascertaining the energy requirements of the nation, and gathering data, researching and disseminating information on this issue.

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